Setting up a business series

This blog series aims to answer as many questions as possible that a new business startup may have. Starting up a new Limited Company or Sole Trader is a BIG step. Having been in this life changing position, without the benefit of big investment resources to start our business, we feel that we are in a unique position to give you the benefit of our experience and knowledge.

We feel it is most important to do this as we are looking to provide you with our product, BUT as a customer you must have all the facts necessary to make an informed purchase decision. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Simply put, as you search the Internet, looking for the best way forward, you will see a lot of information – HOWEVER not everything is as it seems.

This series will cover the following chapters:

Part A

  • How do I setup a new Limited Company?
  1. Step by Step Process
  2. Cost of setting up a Limited company?
  3. What will I get with my new Limited Company Formation?

Part B

  • What is required for a Limited Company to be considered as READY TO TRADE?

Part C

  • Low Cost Company Formation for as little as 99p! Is that the whole story or the beginning of a long and winding journey?
  1. A Business Ready to Trade – A recap
  2. What will 99p get you? – A recap
  3. What do you require as a new business to access the facilities required to be Ready to Trade?
  4. What will it cost to be Ready to Trade?

Part D

  • Company Formation with Business Bank Account and up to £60 Cashback! Why the incentive?
  1. Does this make your Business Ready to Trade?
  2. Why is the a reward for taking a facility that is essential for you to have a Business Ready to Trade?
  3. What is in it for the Agent offering this – Does Something for Nothing make Business sense?
  4. What are the implications to you and/or you business by taking this offer?

Part E

  • Business Bank Account and Business Merchant Account Introduction Vs Guaranteed Business Bank Account and Guaranteed Business Merchant Account
  1. Business Bank and/or Merchant Account Introduction – What is this?
  2. Will the Introduction ensure I get the required Account facilities?
  3. Guaranteed Business Bank and/or Merchant Account – What is this?

Part F

  • Website, Graphic Design and Business Identity included with your Company Formations Package – If not what does this mean for you?
  1. Why does my new Business need a Business Website?
  2. What is a Business Identity
  3. Why Do I need Graphic Design?
  4. How does NOT having these affect my new Business
  5. Can I not acquire these things myself?

Part G

  • Do I need a Limited Company or not?
  1. What is your ultimate aim?
  2. What are the tax implications?
  3. What are the business liability implications?
  4. Will you be the sole owner or will you have partners?

Part H

  • How Do I setup a new Sole Trader Business
  1. Step by Step Process
  2. Cost of Setting up a Sole Trader Business
  3. What will I get with my new Sole Trader Business

Part I

  • Can a company formations company setup my Sole Trader business

Part J

  • How quickly can my business be setup?
  • Sole Trader
  • Limited Company Formations

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