Our U.K residents all in one packages include Electronic Company registration documents, Free Business Account, Free Website, S.E.O pack, Traffic Pack, Domain Hosting and Logo Design ALL for one monthly Price paid annually for one year

Business plans packages

Business Plans are also included in the packages and all of the come with a basic non customised plan included and a customer may choose for Riverton Online to complete the plan for them.

non resident formation packages

Non U.K Residents can form a U.K based company and get ALL the benefits of the normal U.K formation packages which include Website, Business Account, Logo Design, Web Hosting, S.E.O pack, Traffic pack all at an Affordable price charged annually once off

additional services packages

Additional company formation services can be ordered separately such as registered office, Director Appointments/changes, Apostilled Documents, Nominee Directors, Offshore registrations and Bank Accounts

Choose the perfect plan

Choose a U.K Residents package the best suits your budget below. NON residents please go to our non residents page on this website


Per month for 1Year Bronze Plan

  • PDF Certificate of Incorporation
  • PDF Mem & Articles of Association
  • PDF Share Certificates
  • PDF Company Register
  • Free Bank Account
  • Free 1 page Website


Per month for 1year Silver Plan

  • Everything in Bronze Plan Plus:
  • Basic Business Plan
  • Website S.E.O (Free 3 months)
  • Web Traffic Basic
  • Free 1st Month Hosting
  • Logo Design


Per month for 1year
gold plan

  • Everythin in Silver Plan PLUS:
  • Free Merchant Account
  • Free Domain & Hosting
  • Business Plan with Financial Forecast
  • Web SEO & Traffic Free 1 month

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the work and volume at Companies House, we can get your company formed within 3-6hours on the same day if you pay for your company before 11 am GMT.

There are government statutory filing fees when you form a limited company and the government only issue you with a Certificate of Incorporation. You are expected to put the rest of your legal documents in place yourself to make the company compliant with the Companies Act.  Riverton Online as a formation agent provides these documents for you and do additional registrations such as VAT, PAYE and domain names at the same time as your company is being formed so that you can get your company up and running as quickly as possible. Our fees include everything required to get your company up and running in the quickest time at the most affordable fee.

The answer is yes anyone can register a company whether you are in the U.K or outside the U.K. Non-U.K residents unfortunately pay a higher fee because they are not residing in the U.K’s jurisdiction

  • The most common type of company in the UK is a private company limited by shares. Most of our company formation packages, including our free company formations, are for this type of company. However we do form the full range of UK limited companies. These include:

  • Private Company Limited By Shares – A separate legal entity from the business owner. Has one or more directors/owners who are issued with shares in the company. Established and run to make a profit with profits being distributed to the owners in the form of dividends. The most common form of limited company and the one most of our company formation packages will create.

  • Company Limited By Guarantee – A form of limited company similar to a company limited by shares, does not have shareholders, but instead, its members act as ‘guarantors’ who agree to contribute a set amount of money on the winding up of the Company. This form of limited company is often used for non-profit reasons and is a recommended structure for many sports clubs and community organisations.

Basically anyone can carry out a UK company formation and become a company director unless they have been specifically banned from doing so (usually as a result of bankruptcy or legal proceedings). There is an age limit to form a limited company. You have to be 16 years of age or older (Section 157 Companies Act 2006). Although in practical terms it is extremely difficult to do things like open a bank account for your company until you are 18.

You only need one person to form a limited company. According to Section 154 of the Companies Act 2006 – A company limited by shares requires at least one (human) director but there may be more and it is possible for a limited company to be director of another limited company, as long as there is at least one human being who is already a director.

There is no longer a requirement to have a company secretary (Section 270 The Companies Act 2006) but you may choose to do so if you wish.

The final requirement is that you have, or can provide, a UK address to register to company to (this is something we can help with). 

Company numbers can only be generated when Companies House are open. Their hours are 9 am, to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If you order a company outside of these hours we will submit it first thing on the next working morning.

Assuming you place your order during normal business hours we will check over the details you have submitted to make sure there are no obvious issues (e.g. a sensitive word in the name). We then submit your company formation directly into the Companies House systems. From that point it typically takes 3 to 5 hours to get your company number back.

Yes, you can choose any name you like as long as it is not already registered, ‘same as’ or ‘too like’ an existing company name or likely to cause offence. Some words in company names are however restricted or forbidden, these are called ‘sensitive words’. Due to changes made in the Companies Act 2006 words added to company names that might once have been sufficient to differentiate them from an already registered name and thus make them registerable are no longer deemed as such. These include words like ‘services’ and ‘UK’. You can register a name which includes sensitive words as long as it is approved by the secretary of state. For more information on sensitive words and guidance on choosing a company name, please see the relevant pages on our site. Our company name change page might also be relevant.

Remember that you must include the word “limited” or the letters “Ltd” as part of your company name when carrying out a company formation.

To cover yourself fully, you should also check that your name, or part of your name has not been registered as a Trademark by somebody else.

If you still have more questions, please visit our FAQ page for more information or  Contact Us

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